Our balcony door belongs to the same family with our DK inward opening windows creating a unified whole in both the interior and exterior face of the house and providing a clean, beautiful solution allowing concentration solely on the views. As per request we are able to put our balcony doors into the same frame with windows, giving clean lines and maximising the potential light coming in. Balcony doors, similarly to windows, are available in three different thickness profiles providing different thermal transmittance values complying with any specific wish or request. In addition to the classical turn opening our balcony door also opens into tilt opening as well as micro-ventilation, both excellent for ventilation purposes giving maximum functionality. The wooden aluminium solution provides even better resistance to weather conditions and also better thermal transmittance. It is possible to choose between the classical window frame profile based threshold, an oak threshold or a low, aluminium threshold.



68mm, 78mm and 92mm profile thicknesses provide fitting solutions from warm climates or summer cottages to passive houses alike.

Please turn on the device to see the technical data table.

IV68 ALU Balcony door

IV78 ALU Balcony door

IV92 ALU Balcony door
Opening style Inward (DK) Inward (DK) Inward (DK)
Thermal transmittance coefficient (U-value) (for standard 1230x1480mm size) (wood – pine) Uw=1,5 W/m2K Uw=0,81 W/m2K Uw=0,71 W/m2K
Glazing (standard solution) 2k 4-18ar-4es (Ug – 1,1 W/m2K) 3k 4es-18ChrU ar – 4-18ChrU ar-4es (Ug-0,5 W/m2K) 3k 4es-20ChrU ar-4-20ChrU ar-4es (Ug – 0,5 W/m2K)
Sound reduction value (Standard solution) Rw (C, Ctr) 33 (-1, -4) dB Rw (C, Ctr) 33 (-1, -7) dB Rw (C, Ctr) 33 (-1, -7) dB
Depth of frame and sash 84,5mm 94,5mm 108,5mm
Glazing thickness 26-38mm (standard 26mm) 36-48mm (standard 48mm) 50-62mm (standard 52mm)
Air permeability Class 4 Class 4 Class 4
Resistance to wind load C5 C5 C5
Water tightness E1050 E1050 E1050
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It is possible to choose colours from across the RAL map or make your pick from our special lasurs.
*Tones pictured may differ from the end result of the actual products because of the distortion of the monitor.

AS Lasita Aken produced its windows and doors mainly from pine (it is possible to choose from finger jointed or solid pine) but also from premium timber such as oak and meranti.

All of the timber used is bought from reliable partners whose products have certificates of compliances and necessary documents. The timber goes through multiple quality checks and all non-complying material is removed from production.

For increased stability, the scantlings are glued together from three or four lamellas and in principle are faultless from all sides. Raw material passes double quality inspection: primary inspection at intake of materials (visual inspection of moisture content and conformity) and secondary inspection at selection of materials prior production. The material is chosen based on moisture content, bending and wood defects and if possible materials with similar structures and colour shades are used together.

PINE (Type: Scots Pine; Pinus sylvestris – Latin)

Air dry density 480-530 kg/m3.
Most used tree species. Timber is with average strength, measure stable to humidity and is not impact resistant. For the solid material, the exterior lamellas have unified structure and tone throughout the lamella. For finger jointed material, differences in in structure and tone may occur.


MERANTI (Type: Shorea SPP – Latin)

Air dry density 580-770 kg/m3
The colour of unprocessed timber is from dark red-brown to lilac-brownish. Measure stable to humidity. Until three meters, solid, without finger joints material is used. Where possible, a batch contains materials with similar shades but differences may occur. To eliminate this, darker tones a recommended where differences are not seen.

OAK (Type: White oak, Quercus alba – Latin)

Air dry density 690-700 kg/m3
The timber is hard yet flexible with good strength properties. Very resistant to decomposition and extremely resistant to wood diseases. Solid material is used up to 4000mm. For longer details finger joints are used.


Good glazing is an essential part of any good window. In addition to the excellent energy saving characteristics quality glass units nowadays have, they offer many possibilities for comfort and protection. In our products it is possible to choose as extra between tempered and laminated glazing for protection, solar protection glazing to keep away the hot summer sun, sound reduction glasses as well as self-cleaning glazing. A well thought through glazing package ensures comfortable living for many years.



A well picked handle is for a window like an icing on a cake working both as an interior design element and a functional tool. As standard we supply handles in a variety of colours from the Hoppe Tokyo design. As per request, it is possible to choose from a wide range of handles.




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