With the growth of metropolitan areas and infrastructure in and around it, one can find it more and more difficult to find privacy, peace and quiet. Cars, busses, trains, planes and people — it all makes noise and it can be hard to get away from it all without sacrificing the comfort of being close to ones necessities.

Hence, it is very important to find a solution that meets peoples standards of noise reduction and yet is affordable to the public. Until a few years ago, when speaking about windows, two-frame windows have been the way to go. In Lasita Aken, we have put a lot of emphasis on developing windows that would reduce noise and we are proud to say that we’re very pleased with the outcome. We can now produce a one frame, DK window with a noise reduction value of Rw=49 — ctr. These values are reached with our triple glazed IV 92 profile using silencing laminates, making the windows safe for users as an extra benefit.

For many years you would have to compromise, choosing between noise reduction, thermal transmittance (U-value) and looks. With the Lasita Aken IV 92 it is now possible to combine all three into one as the noise reducing window reaches close to equal U-values with regular windows and is in the same window profile. So you could, for example, use windows with high noise reduction only on the side of the building with a lot of noise without sacrificing the looks of it — they look the same as regular windows.

How does it work?

Basic physics helps us to understand that the more uneven the surfaces, the more uneven are the breaking angles of sound waves, thus making it harder for sound to break through. So, firstly you should look at using a glass unit which has glasses with variable thicknesses. For example, a triple glazed glass unit of three times 8mm thick glasses might seem like a more soundproof option than a 4mm, 6mm and 8mm triple glazing, but the reality is vice versa. This logic combined with partition bars of unequal thicknesses already makes a big difference. If needed, you can always add a layer or two of sound silencing laminates to make the windows even more noise reductant. This logic combined with our high quality window profile makes it possible to reduce even the most annoying and loudest sounds.

So what to look for?

Keep it simple and don’t overdo it! The higher the Rw values, the more the windows cost. Ask our staff for input and advice or consult with another specialist to find the precise noise reduction value needed for comfort. An irregular car passing by every now and then requires much less than a house directly on the path of airplanes taking off or landing. If high Rw values are required, do not hesitate to pay this little bit extra for peace and quiet — in the most literal sense. It’s the small things that add up to a huge difference. Comfort is key and we are happily offering it to You.