We produce high quality wooden and wooden aluminium windows, balcony-, sliding-
and exterior doors as well as glass facades on wooden construction.


Our mission is to provide full service of window and door systems for the homeowner to achieve a functional and aesthetic whole. Relying on our core values of Dedication, Openness, Reliability and Continuity we have been in the forefront of endless development to continuously better the experience of homeowners in pursuit of providing peaceful and working home environments. We are a family owned and operated company, where 35 years of experience meet ambitions of growth, development, and innovation.



  • Our systems are cohesive and interoperable designed to your needs while meeting the most strenuous requirements of the Nordic climate.
  • Our value chain is fully under our control from consultation to find the best fit for your needs, production process to installation and after service.
  • Our flexibility in both service and product design makes us fit your needs not you fit ours
  • We perfect your views where the focus is always on your comfortable living. All our product systems are M1 surface treated and produced in a sustainable manner, making us a healthy choice for both you and the planet! (Read more about M1 and sustainability here)
  • We are punctual and relying on 35 years of value-based work always deliver on our promise. Read more about our values, background, and history below.


We evaluate our work with professionalism and commitment, concentrating on our processes. In our environment, everyone takes pride in their work while being both individually and collectively passionate about what we do. We contribute our souls into what we do, making sure that the windows and doors we produce meet the highest expectations of ourselves and customers. We understand that the passion reflected in our work is a source of joy for our customers.


We are honest, polite, and straightforward to ourselves as well as our partners and openly search for the better solution to our clients´ wishes. We are transparent in our governance while advocating for social equality and environmental concerns of industrial production. We are sincere in our quest towards making our workplace as well as society a better place for the coming generations.


We are a long-term and stable employer of both men and women, persons with special needs and run training programs for university students. Being actively in the forefront of the fenestration sector for 35 years, we focus on and are proud that the actions we undertake are long-term and sustainable (read more about our sustainability here). Customers know that we can trusted as agreements are kept in the highest regard and promises are delivered as advertised. In working relationships, we value long-term continuous cooperation where several employees as well as partners have been shared the road with us since the very beginning, 35 years. We are proudly a reliable partner for our suppliers and clients with an AAA Credit rating, where partnerships are long, rich in experience and build on a solid foundation of common values.


A gem of a saying within the company is that „nothing good is ever finished!“ and hence process and product development is an uninterrupted process of implementing new and more effective solutions. This, together with our sustainability program, ensures our long-term existence and competitiveness. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities and ways of implementing them taking time to celebrate success, but never resting on our laurels.




Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out through our contact form. We’re dedicated to providing the support you need. Your inquiries matter to us, and we’re here to ensure your experience is seamless. Looking forward to hearing from you!