At Lasita, all products and processes are based
on the principles of sustainable living


At Lasita, all products and processes are based on the principles of sustainable living. This involves adopting practices that minimize waste, conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions. We are continuously implementing energy-efficient technologies, use of sustainable components in our products, reducing water usage and recycling materials. By minimizing our impact on the environment, we help to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect natural resources for future generations. We believe that as an industrial producer, this is our environmental responsibility.


Another important aspect of running a sustainable business is social responsibility. This involves ensuring that all activities are conducted in a way that is fair and ethical, and takes into account the well-being of employees, customers, and the wider community. Being a family company, we hold these values very dearly, promoting diversity and inclusion as well as ensuring that our supply chains are free from exploitation and human rights abuses.

In production we aim to continuously reduce the impact on the environment and promote social responsibility. One of the primary principles of that is resource efficiency. This means using resources in a way that maximizes their value and minimizes waste while waste that is produced is recicled. At Lasita, we optimize our production processes to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as use energy resources with reduced green house gas emissions. The manufacturing sector as a whole is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, and the reduction of these is crucial to mitigate the impacts of climate change. To that end, we have invested in the use of renewable energy sources.

A key part of being sustainable is everlasting innovation and economic growth. At Lasita, we always strive towards better solutions and run a deep research and development department, creating more value for homeowners.


The primary component of our products is wood, which as a renewable material is an integral part of our sustainability.

At minimum, supplied wooden material is FSC certified meaning that all wooden components used in Lasita´s products are made of wood from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources. In the production of Lasita´s windows and doors, which are fully wooden, all waste and cut-off generated is recycled into wooden pellets and used in-house for heating purposes.

M1 low emission certified finishing used.

All of our products are coated using water-based, toxin-free, M1 low emission certified paints and lacquers which assures a good indoor environment where indoor air quality issues are considered.

Lasita´s product systems are EPD Certified

Lasita´s core of Integra and Skyline product systems are EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified. The EPD presents transparent, verified, and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. As of 2024, Lasita´s products have one of the smallest carbon dioxide emissions available on the market of fenestration products and systems, however at Lasita, we are far from goals. Acquire more info about our EPD´s here and read about our quest for a better tomorrow below.


With the primary component of Lasita´s products being wood which is a renewable source that absorbes CO2, we have set out on a trail blazing course of being carbon negative as an industrial producer of building materials. Our pledge includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • 100% Use of clean energy.
  • Reduction of consumption through streamlined processes and systems.
  • Expanding the life-cycle of the products through product and service design.
  • Search and use of ever developing, less emitting, partners in the supply chain.
  • Eliminating waste in processes, production and shipping.
  • Recycling.