The idea behind Integra is its modular capability and its simplicity. Regardless of the style and particular parameter needs, at Integra´s core is hand picked wood of the highest quality available, which frames all system components as a warm nature centered, sustainable, picture frame.



Integration is the focal point of the Integra system and connections are a functional, easy to manage, but aesthetically appealing, cornerstone solution of the system. Using Integra Connect, it is easy to mix and match any Integra product and system part together creating a functional and graceful whole, just as you please.

As glass areas in modern buildings are getting bigger and bigger and on-site work is getting further out of reach in both quality as well as cost efficiency, the idea behind Integra Connect has always been to solve this problem without compromising any of the looks. Using Integra Connect, the modules delivered remain practically workable on site where the weight is still under control as well as giving more flexibility during transportation and erection. Integra Connect is a perfect option whenever Integra combinations get uncomfortably big for either freight or during the build-up stage. 

Integra Connect is a laboratory certified connection where a special connection grooves are profiled into the connecting parts. One of the sides has a groove (female part) as the other has a protruding part (male part) for connection. 

The connection is fitted with a self-expanding gasket as well as silicone sealant grooves that are filled while connecting. A water- and airtight solution is reached by fixing these parts together with screws resulting in a rigid and tight connection. 

This connection can be used to conform to any Integra system component needed to satisfy any architectual desire. Another benefit is the ultimate flexibility in sizing as the modular system can easily be scaled up or down adding or decreasing the number of moduls being used. This enables fantasy to run wind without compromising the budget and realistic possibilities. 



Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges or invisible hinges, are a type of hinge used in window and door installation. As the name suggests, they are concealed within the frame…


Power hinges, as the name suggests, are used in cases when the integra doors and windows get big enough that they would be troublesome to operate using regular hardware


Lattices, also know as decorative grills or grids that are installed over the windows or doors are a decorative element to add to a specific setting and create a feel. This can be anything from a country side vibe


As the Integra system offers various opportunities for natural ventilation and fresh airflow into the room, it would be a shame to prevent the use of such functions because of annoying insects.


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