The idea behind Integra is its modular capability and its simplicity. Regardless of the style and particular parameter needs, at Integra´s core is hand picked wood of the highest quality available, which frames all system components as a warm nature centered, sustainable, picture frame.



Balcony doors are for homeowners who want to bring more light and fresh air into their homes while maintaining a high level of security. These doors are essentially floor-to-ceiling windows that open up like a door. Balcony doors provide an easy way to access your balcony or terrace. 

The Integra system provides a wide range of possible options for balcony doors. While the same in design and aesthetical looks, the options vary according to the needs. One of the most common options is a DK balcony door, that opens inwards into tilt-and-turn function just like the windows. This tilt-and-turn inward opening balcony door has many variations such as a single door or a double door as well as combining together with fixed parts exactly like the Integra Combination windows. French balcony doors, be it single or double leaf, are options where a glass fence for the safety of the users is integrated into the system. 

Whenever a balcony door opening inward is not possible, the Integra system also offers balcony doors opening outward without the need of any extra space for opening indoors. This completes the Integra balcony door range, regardless of opening type or direction, the system has an option ready. All Integra balcony doors come with toughened, tempered, glazing both inside and outside as standard for user safety. 


In today´s architecture, windows and doors are often big. In order to keep the functionality that the Integra system prouds itself on, many times the balcony double door is the go-to choice. Whenever door leafs get big, they also get heavy, making them more difficult to handle. In such cases double doors are a better solution where it is possible to use only one side for practical use and open both sides for extra comfort, airflow and views.
The double door also offers the possibility to widen the openings as the single leaf is limited by sizes half the width. It also provides more flexibility inside the room as the single leaf opening inward is smaller and needs less opening space.

One of the most significant advantages of double balcony doors is the amount of natural light they allow into the room. With two panels of glass, these doors can create a bright and airy living space that feels more expansive than it actually is. Additionally, these doors can provide a clear view of the outdoor area, allowing homeowners to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings from the comfort of their home.


Balcony doors with a glass fence have become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners who want to create a more open and contemporary living space. The Integra French balcony solution takes all the functions of a tilt-and-turn Integra balcony door and adds safety into the equasion. As usual, integrated into a single element. 

One of the main advantages is the amount of natural light allowed into the rooms using large glass panels. These doors can create a bright and airy living space that feels more spacious and inviting as the glass fence provides unobstructed views of the surrounding area. This allows unaltered view from the inside all while providing safety in an open position. 

As the Integra French balcony doors come from the factory with an integrated glass fence, there is no need for any extra work on site for installation. The question of safety is omitted altogether, as all glass railings used in the Integra system are tested and certified. 

As standard, the balcony railing aluminium covering strips come in anodized silver or black. The glass is 1000mm in height and both laminated and tempered for user safety. In project cases, metal railings are also possible, to be inquired separately by contacting your closest Lasita dealer or one of our sales staff. 


 Whenever space on the inside of a house is scarce, balcony doors opening outward are a great fit. The Integra system provides the option of outward opening balcony doors with the same look, feel, finish and allure that other parts of the system offer. The balcony door comes with a low threshold for user comfort, and handle a control handle both inside and outside, with a turn knob for locking on the interior side and a blind plate on the outside. Optionally it is possible to add locking from the outside instead of the blind plate or omit the handle on the outside altogether. 

As the outward opening balcony door has a different direction of opening, it is not possible to use Integtra combinations. However, with Integra Connect, as frame depths are the same as other Integra system components, connecting the outward opening balcony door to other Integra parts becomes limitless. 




Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges or invisible hinges, are a type of hinge used in window and door installation. As the name suggests, they are concealed within the frame…



Power hinges, as the name suggests, are used in cases when the integra doors and windows get big enough that they would be troublesome to operate using regular hardware



Lattices, also know as decorative grills or grids that are installed over the windows or doors are a decorative element to add to a specific setting and create a feel. This can be anything from a country side vibe



As the Integra system offers various opportunities for natural ventilation and fresh airflow into the room, it would be a shame to prevent the use of such functions because of annoying insects.


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