The idea behind Integra is its modular capability and its simplicity. Regardless of the style and particular parameter needs, at Integra´s core is hand picked wood of the highest quality available, which frames all system components as a warm nature centered, sustainable, picture frame.





Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges or invisible hinges, are a type of hinge used in window and door installation. As the name suggests, they are concealed within the frame of the product and are not visible from the outside or inside, providing a sleek an streamlined appearance. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also providing enhanced security and functionality.



Power hinges, as the name suggests, are used in cases when the integra doors and windows get big enough that they would be troublesome to operate using regular hardware. Where usual system components reach their limits and may break with excessive use, the power hinges further the playing field with openable single casement widths of up to 1,7m and heights of 3m possible.



Lattices, also know as decorative grills or grids that are installed over the windows or doors are a decorative element to add to a specific setting and create a feel. This can be anything from a country side vibe to emphasizing a particular part of the architecture of the house. In all cases, the main benefit of the lattices is their decorative appeal. They can add a unique and stylish element to a building´s facade, and can be customized to complement the overall design and aesthetic of the property. This can be particularly useful in historic or traditional buildings, where window lattices can add a period-appropriate touch to the architecture.

Albeit mostly used for decoration, lattices can also provide addition security as they can act as a physical barrier, preventing intruders from entering the building through the window as well as being visible in cases where windows that are floor-to-ceiling and unnoticable.



As the Integra system offers various opportunities for natural ventilation and fresh airflow into the room, it would be a shame to prevent the use of such functions because of annoying insects.

Insect screens a great addition to many homes and buildings, providing protection from flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

As the Integra system offers full solutions that abide the principles of maximum comfort for the end-user, it is wise to think about potentially bothersome insects in the phase of window-and door planning. This allows full functionality from the first day of use.

The insect screens used in the Integra system are designed specifically to meet the needs of the system. In Integra windows, the mosquito net is integrated into the system, fitting precisely between the frame and the sash of the window.

In Integra doors, the best option is to choose a insect screen mesh door without any threshold on the bottom surface. The insect door without a threshold is suitable for use in barrier-free homes and is easy and comfortable to operate. Thanks to the high-quality and dense mesh, ventilation is easily accomplished without any insects entering the rooms.

The Integra insect screens are produced using aluminium profiles that are weather resistant and stable. Colour options for the screens are shown below. The maximal width of the frame is 1600mm and height is 2100mm. Heights over 1700mm have an aluminium bar horizontally in the middle for extra stability and support.


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