Meerhof and Meerhof 2.0

This apartment building development facing the Tallinn bay is one of the landmarks of modern architecture in Tallinn, Estonia. The most important part of this project is the view and our products like inward opening wooden aluminium windows and sliding doors are providing residents the best views with maximum functionality.

Sõjakooli and Marsi

Kristiine neighbourhood in Tallinn, Estonia is one of the most popular parts of town to settle down and look for a home because of its peaceful community while still being very close to the city centre. In all stages of the Kristina Houses development, the developers have opted for our products as they give exquisite quality and functionality.


This is an apartment building with businesses downstairs in the very centre of Tallinn that stands out. The architects opted for our special „Contour“ solution for the same alignment of openable and non-openable wooden aluminium windows. For this project we used windows with high sound reduction values to give the residents the peace and quiet they want while still being located at the one of the biggest intersections in the city.


The marina area of Noblessner is one of the quickest and nicest upcoming parts of town in Tallinn, Estonia where Premium housing, a yacht club and many other things form into one. In many of the houses in this development our products such as inward opening wooden and wooden aluminium windows have been used. For one of the biggest apartment buildings in the area, we have used our extra minimalistic „Integral“ solution to give the project a very modern look.


A development called Tivoli is located at the seaside and just next to the beautiful Kadrioru park in Tallinn, Estonia. In the development of this project with many apartment buildings our products such as inward opening wooden windows and balcony doors have been used. By using our solutions you can see that the developers have opted for Premium quality which this neighbourhood deserves.

Private home in Viimsi, Estonia

With its large glass surfaces and witty architectural solutions, this private home stands out from the crowd. We at Lasita Aken are happy that we have helped pull of a solution as pretty as this with our inward opening wooden windows, balcony doors and exterior doors.

Private Home in Tallinn, Estonia

Wooden aluminium inward opening windows, parallel sliding doors, exterior doors and curtain walls – all of these products have been used in developing a solution where the end client has searched for unity.

Summer cottage in Laulasmaa, Estonia

A summer cottage equipped with our wooden inward opening windows, exterior doors and folding doors. The folding door enables to open the entire wall making the inside of the house and the terrace melt into one.

Loghouse in Harjumaa, Estonia

A log home with a very close to the nature scenery in Harjumaa, Estonia is equipped with our inward opening wooden windows and balcony doors. To give the house the classic log home look, the developers have opted for removable lattices, which are easily removable for washing.

Jaapan (Japan)

Estonian Woodhouse Association holds a competition for best factory made houses every year. This house developed and produced by Happy Home out of CLT in the suburbs of Tallinn won in the Best Private Home category in 2018. All wooden windows in the award winning house are produced by Lasita Aken.

The element house called Jaapan (Japan) has gotten its name from its architectural roots from Japan where a lit courtyard is located in the middle of the house creating a peaceful harmony. The courtyard is surrounded by high rising wooden windows with big glass surfaces up to 3,75m high. Thanks to the windows and huge glass areas it´s possible to enjoy the beauty of the garden from practically anywhere inside the house binding the interior and exterior harmonically into one. In many of the rooms, our new Lift & Slide Sliding doors have been used giving a lot of comfort and enjoyment to the users.

Taani (Denmark)

Happy Home develops and produces element houses made of CLT. A lot of effort is put into achieving natural brightness using a lot of glass.

The element house called Taani (Denmark) is one of the more exclusive house types from Happy Home. It has a special functionalistic architecture to it combined with modern solutions. The house has 3,8m high ceilings throughout and the rooms for kids have 1,5 floors. Lasita Aken is very strong with big size windows which is why huge glass areas are used bringing in light and enabling the enjoyment of the surrounding nature. To unite the interior and exterior worlds, large Lift & Slide Skyline sliding doors are used to open big surfaces whenever wanted. All glass areas, windows and sliding doors for the element house Taani are proudly produced by Lasita Aken.

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