Solar heat and light energy reaching the glass is partially reflected back, partially absorbed in the glass and partially transmitted through the glass. Solar protection glass reduces solar energy coming through the glass, reflecting most of it back rather than letting it indoors, thus preventing the rooms from overheating in case of heavy sunlight. Combination glass options, in which solar control function is also combined with energy saving function, are used by Lasita. This provides maximum user comfort as the glazing works as protection against sun, but still has great U-value to keep the warmth indoors in winter months. Normally, sun protection glass is the outmost glass in the glazing and replaces the regular energy-saving, selective glass.

Solar control function can also be combined with other functions of the glass: safety, sound insulation, etc. It is important to keep in mind that the more solar protection needed, the less natural light will be transmitted into the room. Although great solar protection glass reaches a g-value of under 19%, or as commonly presented g=0,19, the light transmitted into the room will be less than 45%. This is why, as standard, we recommend in the Nordic countries a mild sun protection glass, which in triple glazing has a g value of 35% or g=0,35, but still lets ample light into the room (SP Mild). Cases where more sun protection is needed may be, for example, south facing faćades of houses in open spaces and fields. In this case a g value of g=0,32 is usually sufficient in Northern Europe and a SP Medium glass is used. In extreme cases where there is a lot of sunlight that needs to be absorbed by the glass, a triple glass reaching g=0,28 is used (SP Strong).

The three standard sun protection options in Lasita systems are as follows:

g=0,35 (SP Mild)
g=0,32 (SP Medium)
g=0,28 (SP Strong)

If needed, even milder or stronger sun protection glass is available upon request. Contact Lasita ́s sales staff for inquiries.


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